This race is for team players! We’re inviting any sporty types to gather a team together for a bit of fun, or to take on the challenge of the “La Vache” cup!

Represent your club, ski-school, agency, building company, or just come along with a group of mates. If you win, you get your team’s name engraved on our cowbell cup!

Classic distance relay for mixed senior teams, born before 2000.
Sprint distance relay for mixed youth teams born between 2000 and 2004.

The X Teams will fight for the big title of “la Vache!” so make a team of 3 and get training!

Temperature of the water mid-June varies from 16 degrees to 22 degrees depending on the weather from April to mid-June. We will update the water temperature on our website on 30.05, 06.06, 12.06 and 14.06. Wetsuits are allowed for all athletes if the water temperature is below 24,9°C.
Wetsuits are mandatory at 14°C or lower.



Swimmingsprint: 0.65 km
classic: 1.2 km open water
Mountain bikesprint: 15.5 km with 450m altitude
classic: 25.5km with 900m altitude
Trail-runningsprint: 6km with 140m altitude
classic: 12km with 240m altitude