This is the perfect event for those who don’t enjoy certain disciplines: here the choice is yours!

Don’t want to get wet? Don’t fancy an uphill struggle or running on sore knees? Never mind…just don’t!

You can follow exactly the same course and distance as the Classic triathlon but injust two disciplines. Remember, you can only race in the duathlon as an individual but the event is open to anyone 17 years old or more. There won’t be a podium event for this race but everyone who finishes gets a medal for participating.

None of the routes are near roads and traffic so you can appreciate the beauty of Nature in complete safety.

The swim takes place in a small stretch of open water near Le Chable and consists of 3 laps of 500 meters followed by a short beach run over rubber mats. The cycling sends you up to the heights of Bruson and then down through the forest and fields below. After 14 km and 450 metersaltitude you start your second lap. The bike race consists in total of 24 km and 900 meters altitude. The running course is a great combination of single tracks and dirtroads along theriver with only 110 metersaltitude per lap. For this part of the race the 6 km lap will be run twice.

The water temperature in September will be between 19 and 23 degrees
We allow you 3.5 hours maximum to complete the course.


Swimming1500m open water (3 laps of 500m)
Mountain bike24km with 900m altitude on fire-roads
(2 laps of 11km plus 2km)
Trail-running12km with 280m altitude on trails
(2laps of 6km)





Bike & Run


Swim & Bike

participating medal, no podium

participating medal, no podium

09:00 Swim & Runparticipating medal, no podium