Classic distance cross triathlon Saturday 13th of June 2020

“The Performance Race” is a classic distance triathlon for those with good stamina. The race easily meets the X-Terra standards!

None of the routes are near roads and traffic so you can appreciate the beauty of Nature in complete safety.

The swim takes place in a small stretch of open water near Le Chable and consists of 2.33 laps of 500 meters followed by a short beach run over rubber mats. The cycling sends you first into the motorcross on the event terrain and than up to the heights of Bruson, down through the forest and fields below. After 14 km and 450 meters altitude you start your second lap. The bike race consists in total of 25.5 km and 950 meters altitude. The running course is a great combination of single tracks and dirt-roads along the  river with only 140 meters altitude per lap. For this part of the race the 6 km lap will be run twice.

Temperature of the water mid-June varies from 16 degrees to 22 degrees depending on the weather from April to mid-June. We will update the water temperature on our website on 30.05, 06.06, 12.06 and 14.06. Wetsuits are allowed for all athletes if the water temperature is below 24,9°C.
Wetsuits are mandatory at 14°C or lower.

This individual race is open to anyone born before 2000. The fastest racers often complete this classic distance in around 2 hours 45 minutes but we allow you 4.45 hours maximum to complete the course. The comity has decided that all classic athletes will start at 13.10 although it is possible that we start in waves 30 seconds apart. The waves will be decided on the day of the event. All athletes need to gather  at 12.55 in starting block A which is situated at the finish line. The briefing will be given there at 13.00.

There will be a time limit on starting the second round of biking (15.15) and starting the second lap of running (17.00).
You can still finish your race as in the sprint version.



Swimming1150m open water (2.3 laps of 500m.)
Mountain bike25.5km with 950m altitude
(2 laps of 11km plus 3.5km)
Trail-running12km with 280m altitude on trails
(2 laps of 6 km)

photos: Graham Friend