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[email protected]
President and coach Karin Pethebridge 0793830852
Administrator Nadin Voutaz email: [email protected]
Coach Yvette Heijnen 0798959832


Year-round swim training for children and adults based at the Mondzeu swimming pool
Year-round triathlon training for children and adults in le Chàble and Martigny.

Swim learning programs for children from 5 years of age and adults.
We work with small groups of 3 – 6 children in the swim learning program

Membership fee active members: from 185 CHF to 335 CHF per person per year.
Very beginners and young children can not enter a group before testing their capabilities.

We except up to 150 CHF in jeunesse sport commune vouchers for all children from Bagnes.

All payments will have to be made by bank and within 10 days after becoming a member.

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Triathlon training
Triathlon camp 2020

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Verbier Triathlon Club
Chemin de la Tsombe 2, 1934 le Châble

The outdoor  triathlon training we can offer to anyone as part of the swim training or without the year round swim training.


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