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CROSS TRIATHLON CLASSIC INDIVIDUAL1987 - 20031.2km - 30km - 10km596989SUNDAY 9H00
CROSS TRIATHLON CLASSIC INDIVIDUAL1900 - 19861.2km - 30km - 10km798999 SUNDAY 9H00
CROSS TRIATHLON CLASSIC TEAM1900-20051.2km -30km - 10km159169179SUNDAY 14H00
TRIATHLON ROAD EXPERIENCE INDIVIDUAL2004 - 20070.5km - 12km -5km394969SUNDAY 14H00
TRIATHLON ROAD EXPERIENCE INDIVIDUAL1900 - 20030.5km - 12km - 5km596979SUNDAY 14H00
TRIATHLON ROAD EXPERIENCE TEAM1900 - 20080.5km - 12km - 5km129139149SUNDAY 14H00

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