The following rules and regulations engaged are in line with the full rules provided by the Swiss Triathlon Federation.
– All competitors must sign the Liability Waiver provided at registration.
– Children under the age of 16 years old need a guardian to sign on their behalf.
– Race bibs and race numbers must be worn and visible at all times.
– All competitors must leave the course if instructed to do so by a 123Cross member of staff.
– All swimmers must wear their appropriate coloured race swim hat for their event.
– All swimmers must have their race number clearly written on their swim hats and arms.
– All swimmers must leave the water if instructed to do so by a 123Cross member of staff.
– If water temperatures are lower than 14° degrees Celsius a wetsuit is mandatory.
– If temperatures are higher than 24° degrees Celsius a wetsuit may not be used.
– No swimming aids except a safety buoy may be used during the event.
– Drafting is prohibited.
– Rigid bicycle helmet mandatory at all times.
– No electric bikes are permitted.
– Only mountain bikes are permitted.
– Please note the bike route and running route will cross roads which will be open to usual traffic for the duration of the event. Usual road safety rules apply.
– The event organiser has the right to divert, pause or stop a part of the event in case of an accident or bad weather conditions.
– In the event that the organiser has to cancel or stop a part of the race, there will be no refund of inscription fees.
– We recommend to never swim alone during training and use a safety buoy if there is no follow boat in deep water. During the event there will be lifesavers on boats.
– The canton of Valais has tested the water quality to be safe for swimming.

Eco responsibilityTiming chipsReward
Any competitor seen littering during the event will be obligated to stop to pick up the waste before they are permitted to continue. Failure to adhere to this rule will result in immediate disqualification for the individual or the entire team.All competitors will be provided with a timing chip at registration, the morning of race day. All competitors must wear their own timing chip throughout the duration of their race. Any chip not returned will be invoiced CHF30.-A souvenir prize will be given to each competitor. No rewards will be sent after the event by mail.
By participating in any 123Cross event, each competitor expressly authorises the organiser or any of its partners entitled use of their image, voice and sporting performance for any direct or derivative use of the event for an unlimited duration.The organiser declines all responsibility for material damage, bodily injury and theft during the Kids Triathlon event on Saturday 2nd September 2017 and all 123Cross events & la Fête d’Eté on Sunday 3rd September 2017.Whilst we are hugely grateful for all your help and support please understand that by volunteering you take full responsibility for yourselves; any material damage, bodily injury and theft should it occur during any 123Cross event. The organisers decline all responsibility.