Are you ready to sign up?

Register directly through the MSO website, the timing company offering credit card payment and cancellation insurance.
This is by the only way to sign up in 2019. Registration opens on 23.01.2019

Included in the registration fee is a FREE food voucher for all adult competitors, a gift and a lot for the fantastic prizes given by our local partners.

Thank you for joining us!


Youth & Junior categories individuel: aged 15–19 years old

X-Tri Sprint

All Senior & Veteran categories.

X-Tri Sprint                    CHF
X-Tri Sprint Relay         CHF
X-Tri Olympic                CHF
X-Tri Olympic Relay     CHF

All X-Tri Duathlons: aged 17+

Swim & Run                   CHF
Bike & Run                     CHF
Swim & Bike                   CHF

Kids Triathlon: age 4 – 15
This includes a bracelet to enter all the activities!
CHF 15 per child and for an extra 5 CHF they can join the Pasta Party