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The Verbier Triathlon club offers several swim programs for children and adults that can be booked by anyone that wants to be learn to swim or wants to learn to swim in the outdoors.

We are qualified instructors and we speak English, Dutch and French!
On top of that, we are outdoor sports athletes to begin with so do not hesitate and be part of it!

We run year round programs for children within the club but we also want to offer sessions to those that just want to book some lessons. For the club program, please send us an email. To book 10 sessions of lessons pleas use our online booking system.

Our new system allows you to buy different passes that allow you to book your slots online. Payments can be made by bank transfer latest 5 working days  before the first session or you can pay at the start of your first session in cash or with card.

We recommend that you reserve all the slots at time of booking to make sure you can get all the sessions you need in the given time slot but you are allowed to change a time slot up to 48 hours before the start of the session. It is up to you to reserve an other slot to reserve within the given time slot.

The Verbier triathlon club is a non for profit organisation but we do support the system of paying our qualified instructors for their excellent work and we have the strategy gather income with our programs so that we can re -invest in the following:
education of our instructors
projects to learn children the basic skills of life like swimming
triathlon events to promote our beautiful region
give our customers long life pleasure in practicing the outdoor sports.