Contact details
[email protected]
President Karin Pethebridge 0793830852
Childrens Program Manager Yvette Heijnen 0798959832

Year-round swim training for children and adults based at the Mondzeu swimming pool
Year-round triathlon training for children and adults from le Chàble and Martigny.

Swim learning programs for children and adults in autumn and spring.
Please download our full program file here.

Membership fee: 335 CHF per person including: group lessons/ training sessions or 8 half hour one-on-one lessons.
We except up to 150 CHF in jeunesse sport commune vouchers all children receive in Bagnes.
We give up to 50 CHF discount to parents with low income.
All payments will have to be made by bank and within 10 days after becoming a member.
For existing members, payment for 2019/2020 will have to be made before 01.09.2019

Extra one-on-one lessons can be booked for 70 CHF/ hour (members only).

3 periods per year that offer different training fascilities

We work with small groups of 3 – 6 children in the swim learning program
Autumn : 15th of August – 12th of December
Winter season: 16th of January to 16th of April
Spring : 23rd of April – 11th of June


Please ask for our registration form to be completed or call / email for new requests and test lessons