Welcome to our KIDS’ TRIATHLON!

A fun, short-distance triathlon for children

The kids’ swimming race follows a route at the short end of the open water. There will be a motorboat and kayaks in the water for safety. Their cycling and running routes then trace around the small lake and over closed roads in the forest where parents can watch and cheer on their mini-athletes!  For most local children this will be only the first or second time they have entered a triathlon event, but they already know that participating is more important than winning! MSO-timing will clock the times of each competitor, but no matter what time the children finish each will get a reward and a ticket for a Tombola of fantastic prizes. The water temperature will be between 19 and 23 degrees so for this short distance we wouldn’t recommend kids wear wetsuits.

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1 km cycling
1 km running
50m swimming
2.5 km cycling
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100m swimming
5.0 km cycling
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200m swimming
5.0 km cycling
2.0 km running

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Saturday 01.09.2018:
10.20-12.00: Kids training and course discovery!
 register/collect bibs

Sunday 02.09.2018:
09:30 – 12:00 am : very last time to register/ collect bibs.
13:15- 14:00 pm: Race briefing and warming up discovering the bike course with Ladina Buss
14:00 – 15.00 pm: Kids Triathlon

We also offer kids training camps: 22 – 27 July 2019 in Bagnes, Verbier


Children running in triathlon race in Bagnes, Switzerland

Running all ages

Cycling 2012 – 2014

Cycling 2002 – 2011



The competition entry fee is 15 CHF per child. For an extra 5 CHF they can join the Pasta Party (to pay on site).

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The entry fee includes a bracelet allowing the child access to all the activities that day. These include stand-up paddle boarding, painting rocks, water walkers, castle and many others.

Bracelets for those not racing will be on sale at the registration tent.

Children aged 4 to 15 can participate in our triathlon. The distances and disciplines are adapted according to age: those from 4 to 6 years old will compete in biking and running only (no swimming); those from 7 years old and up will swim as well but only over a very short distance. Kids between the ages of 4 and 8 may need someone to hand them their bike and a set of clothes in the designated area. One parent can help them to get dressed but, while racing, no pushing or pulling is permitted.


Being a local community event we are reliant on volunteers. There’s a huge variety of things you can do to help, and you don’t need any previous experience … so please get in touch!
All volunteers can count on a free meal and drink. If needed, travel costs can also partly be reimbursed: train tickets will be reimbursed of 50% and car expenses will be reimbursed at 0.25 CHF per km per person with a maximum of 25 CHF per person.