“The Fun triathlon is new this year for those that have never done a triathlon before or have not had the time to train their winter legs!

All the routes stay close to the water and the town of le Chable and can be done on any bike with wide tires, be ready get muddy!

This race category is really made for you if you want to get involved and muddy on Sunday morning before joining in with the social day around the Gouille. Saturday afternoon is for all the categories that need a bit more preparation time as an athlete. We hope to welcome you on the Saturday as a spectator and if you like to join our team of volunteers, please sign up with the Swiss Volunteers association and fill in the form for our event.

This individual race is open to anyone aged 16+ and the distances are short. You start with a 300 meter swim half way along the side of the Gouille and back, followed by a 5.5 km bike ride in the fields between the village centre and the water finishing up going through the motor-cross course and you finish with a 2.5 km run along the Dranse on a dirt-road and back. Temperature of the water mid-June varies from 16 degrees to 22 degrees depending on the weather from April to mid-June. We will update the water temperature on our website on 30.05, 06.06, 12.06 and 14.06.
Wetsuits are allowed for all athletes if the water temperature is below 24,9°C.
At water temperatures below 18 degrees, swimming is replaced by running.



Swimming300m open water (2 times 150m)
Mountain bike5km with 100m altitude on fire-roads
Trail-running2.5km with 50m altitude on trails

300 meter swim Fun triathlon


Bike course Fun triathlon 5.5 km


Run course Fun triathlon 2.5 km