Fête d'Eté

Fun for everyone!
20 June 2019 in and around the st Marc hall of le Chable
21+ 22 June 2019 in and around the water of le Chable

During the first day of school holidays in Valais and a non-working day for all, Thursday 20.06.2019, the event village will have a host of fun sportive activities on offer, a café, restaurant, bar etc. available for your entertainment.
There will be a selection of fun activities to bring together the local and international community living in the commune de Bagnes.
On Saturday 22.06.2019, we invite you all to come and encourage all adult competitors from 9.00 to 12.00 and the kids from 15.00 to 18.00. There will again be activities at the fete d’été village for all!

We have e-bikes to test, Water zorbs to walk on water, stand-up paddleboards to try, massage workshops, painting on rocks, giant trampoline, pétanque, parkour, kids garden and fantastic prizes to win!

Zero waste policy

As we have a zero wast policy we highly recommend everyone  to bring their own reusable plates and cutlery.
We do provide reusable cups at 2 chf deposit, wooden plates and cutlery to go into the green bin after using and reusable eco-tokens to pay with!

The 123cross event village address: rue de Stand, 1934 le Chable.