Fête d'Eté

Fun for everyone!
1 + 2 September in and around the water of le Chable

During the entire weekend, the event village will have a host of shops on offer, a café, restaurant, bar etc. available for your entertainment.
There will be a selection of fun activities to bring together the local and international community living in the commune de Bagnes.
We invite you all to come and encourage all adult competitors from 9.00 to 12.00 and the kids from 14.00 to 15.30

We have e-bikes to test, Water zorbs to walk on water, stand-up paddleboards to try, massage workshops, painting on rocks, giant trampoline, pétanque, parkour, kids garden and fantastic prizes to win!

Zero waste policy

As we have a zero wast policy we highly recommend everyone  to bring their own reusable plates and cutlery.
We do provide reusable cups at 2 chf deposit, wooden plates and cutlery to go into the green bin afterusing and reusable eco-tokens to pay with!

The 123cross event village address: rue de Stand, 1934 le Chable.

Pre-sale bracelets are available from 16.08.2018 at the Cantaloup restaurant le Chable and Mountain Air Verbier.
Price for individuel bracelets in pre-sales are 15 chf for one day and 22 chf for two days including 1 drink.
Family tickets are available for 35 chf for one day and do not include a drink.

Bracelets to participate in all activities and family packages including food and activities are for sale here.
You can also buy bracelets at the site but prices increase with 5 chf. 

There will be live music and festivities for everyone to celebrate our long summer afternoons in the water, surrounded by the beautiful Bagnes mountains.

If you personally have an idea or your business would like to get involved in the summer party, then please just get in contact with us through the Contact page – the more the merrier!


Saturday 01.09.2018:
DJ and food & drink stands all day with music of the 60-70.
10.00-17.00 : Full Moon stand-up paddle boards to test, giant trampoline, water-walkers, kids play-garden, pétanques, E-bikes MTB and fat-bikes to test, painting on rocks and char-cool drawing.
10.30-12.00: Discovery training kids triathlon
14.00-18.00: life music, open-mic, massages workshop, sliding carpet.
14.15-15.15: workshop parkour training for age 10-14
15.30-16.30: workshop parkour training for age 14plus

Sunday 02.09.2018:
DJ and food & drink stands all day with music of the 60-70.
9.00- 13.00: Verbier X Triathlon 17+, premier start at 9.00 and first arrivals at 11.00
11.00 -18.00: giant trampoline, water-walkers, 2 stand-up paddle + 2 E-bikes to test
11.00-12.00: workshop parkour training age 10 to 14
13.00-14.00: workshop parkour training 14+
13.00-14.00: warm-up for the kids triathlon
14.00-15.00: Kids triathlon
15.30 – 18.00: live-music, open mic, face-painting.
16.00 -17.00: workshop parkour age 14+

Food & drink stands: coffee, BBQ with salad bar and pasta, wine, raclette, craft beers:
Alias blonde, Ombres ambrée, A-block blonde, Jorat blonde et blanche.






Being a local community event we are reliant on volunteers. There’s a huge variety of things you can do to help, and you don’t need any previous experience … so please get in touch!
All volunteers can count on a free meal and drink. If needed, travel costs canalso partly be reimbursed: train tickets will be reimbursed of 50% and car expenses will be reimbursed at 0.25 CHF per km per person with a maximum of 25 CHF per person.