Welcome to our outdoor FAMILY TRIATHLON!

A fun, short-distance triathlon at the Verbier sports centre for all ages including a sportive lunch at the Moulin restaurant.

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Verbier triathlon familial: Sunday 25.07.2021 starting time: 8.30 Verbier outdoor pool.
This is a fun short distance family triathlon at the Verbier sports centre without time keeping . It is composed of 10 minutes swimming, 20 minutes bicycling on a fun obstacle trail, and 2 km running, which is reduced to 1km for children under age 8. A nice souvenir and a sportif lunch is included. The lunch takes place  at the Moulin restaurant on the outdoor covered terrace.
Price including lunch and souvenir:
Non members: 2-3 persons 75 CHF / 4 persons 95 CHF, 5 persons 110 CHF, 6 persons 120 CHF
Members Verbier triathlon club: 2-4 persons 50 CHF, 5-6 persons 70 CHFFurther details:
When you participate as a family or group, you will do everything together and children can get your help when needed. One can also register for the individual category as an adult or as a child, with a minimum age limit of age 8 if able to swim, bike and run by him/herselves. In this case please register as a group and it includes up to 2 friends or family members to support and enjoy the lunch afterwards! The goal is to have a good time within the given time for each discipline and note down the amount of lengths you swam and the amount of rounds you biked. The extra challenge is to try and do an extra round if there is time left or to invite your youngest brother or sister to participate and help them!After everyone has finished their 3 disciplines, we invite you all for a sportive lunch and drink on the outdoor terrace of the Moulin restaurant as of 11:30. There will be a special prize giving and some side activities at the Moulin.The family triathlon will welcome the participants as of 8:30 at the outdoor swimming pool of Verbier.  The first group will start swimming at 8:45. The last start for swimming is at 9:30.After the swimming, you will walk to the biking element which starts and finishes on the parking Périn, followed by a transit to the running element that also starts and finishes from the Périn parking. All participants are required to wear a helmet during the biking element. If you don’t have your own bike or helmet, please send us an email and we will organise the equipment. We will rent a bike with helmet for 10 CHF and a helmet only for 5 CHF.As per the COVID rules and the nature of the event,  We need to record your contact details (name and telephone number) for the Canton. This is mandatory and only those who have registered their details can participate. The event is limited to 12 persons per starting group and 120 persons in total. We ask you to stay home in case of fever and or a cough. If your child or friend is participating and you wish to come along to cheer him or her on and you are not already part of the registered group, please pass by the reception at the pool or at the parking Périn to give us your contact details and pay for lunch.
Registration outdoor pool: 8h30
Swimming: 8h45 – 9h30
Reception parc Périn: 9h30 – 11h30
Biking & running blocks: 9h45 – 11h00

Restaurant Moulin: 11h30 first seating / 12h30 second seating
Prize giving: 12h15
Finished 14h00