Welcome to our outdoor FAMILY TRIATHLON!

A fun, short-distance triathlon at the Verbier sports centre for all ages including a sportive lunch at the Moulin restaurant.

TEAM  REGISTRATION (3-4 p): BOOK NOW, we have limited places available.

INDIVIDUAL REGISTRATION: BOOK NOW, we have limited places available


This is a fun short distance family triathlon without timing and with separated starting blocks for each discipline. When you participate as a family or group of 3 to 4 persons, you will do everything together and children can get your help when needed. Children and adults can also register for the individual category from age 8 if they are able to swim, bike and run by themselves.

The goal is to have a good time and finish each discipline in the given time. The extra challenge is to try and add an extra round if there is time left or to invite your youngest brother or sister to participate and help them! When everyone has finished their 3 disciplines, we invite you all for a sportive lunch and drink on the outdoor terrace of the Moulin restaurant. There will also be a special prize giving and some side activities at the Moulin.

All disciplines are organised outside starting with the swimming in the outdoor pool of Verbier.
The pool will only be open to participants and you are only allowed to stay during the given time-slot. After the swimming, you will directly go to the biking element which starts and finishes on the parking Périn, followed by the running that also starts and finishes from the Périn parking.

If you need to reserve a bike from one of the local shops, please send us an email.
If your child is participating and you wish to support only, you do need to register by email beforehand.

We follow the rules of COVID but seeing the nature of the event, we do not apply to keep distance or wear masks. We therefor need to provide your contact details to the canton. If you do not agree with this, you can’t participate. We can only accept limited spaces (80 persons per event). We ask everyone to stay home in case of fever and or a cough.